Is Your MS Application Outlook Getting Slower?

Split Large PST Files


Microsoft Outlook: In today’s scenario people always look forward for faster ways to transfer the information from one place to another. Information can be send from one place to another using e-mail service; as it is one of the prominent options for this purpose. Including from transferring data and information, people also like to have a personal Information management tool that can help them to handle data in such a manner that can be easily available whenever required. To fulfill this requirement, software developers have made several email applications. One of the extensively used email application is Microsoft Outlook.

About File Structure in Microsoft Outlook: All the Microsoft Outlook data including messages, calendar, contacts, entries, attachments and all other user files are stored in this Outlook PST file. By Default MS Outlook creates PST file to store all these data files. These results in single PST file which becomes like a big size databank which has accumulation of numerous files and information of those files with other details are stored.

Did you come across problems while carrying out specific operations with MS Outlook? By default the Microsoft Outlook creates one PST file per profile which contains user data becomes big in size. Microsoft Outlook also has another problem regarding the size. Now, when this size of PST files goes beyond 2GB file size limit, it becomes corrupted and that results in a big data loss. Also, Outlook speed slow down and it becomes difficult to carry out specific operations.

An Apt Solution is here! To get rid of slow Outlook speed you can use split PST file in smaller parts in such a way that it will be useful and not a single file is loss. This is possible with some professional PST splitter tool. The split software tool that you choose must be capable to divide Outlook PST file into smaller pieces and creates new PST file. You can use Split PST software to break large sized PST files into smaller sized PST files. Using PST breaker you can easily and quickly break large sized PST files into smaller size.

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